Common People (2019)

Front and back cover for the Common People Magazine

The Common People are a small collective of artists that were dedicated to holding the government accountable. This was a group project I was a part of, with two other artists in 2019, about the state of the UK parliament and how the people felt about their government. We wanted look at the state of the government on the lead up to the 2019 general election and created a magazine that featured our research about public views.

The Common People Logo, designed by Ciaran Trafford and Title page leading into the Poverty section, by myself.

It included three sections that were areas we felt the government had to be held accountable for: austerity, poverty and people’s satisfaction. We each contributed a newspaper based collage to the three sections, with a title page that introduced each one. The collages were based upon statistics that we researched about the UK government.

A collage I created based upon statistics of UK homelessness.

The magazine also included a fourth section that featured collages based up statistics we, as a collective, gathered ourselves. We posted a survey on our social media account asking questions to people on how they felt about their government. The survey asked questions like ‘how represented do you feel about your government?’ and ‘do you feel satisfied by your government?’ 

A collage I created for one of the survey results spreads.

The design of our front cover was also a part of the primary research we collected. We put up a large poster around the Hartlepool Art Gallery, the blank version that makes up the front cover, asking people how they felt about their government. We left the poster up with pens and passerbys were able to walk by and write how they felt about their parliament. The back cover was completely filled in by actual people and how they felt.

A collage based on how the House of Commons doesn’t actually represent the actual common people.