History Check (2021)

One of the opening pages for History Check.

Subtly influencing elements of Western culture and now seeing a renaissance within the very ‘nerdy’ culture of today: ‘History Check’ briefly looks into the history of the role playing game, Dungeons & Dragons, and includes interviews with actual players of the game. It includes layout design by myself and printed with the help of local Hartlepool printers, Atkinson Print.

Promotional motion graphic and imagery featured in the publication.

It focuses on the history of the game, it’s popularity and its relevance today and discusses Dungeon & Dragons as a societal zeitgeist within the West in the 80’s and 90’s. It goes through 6 chapters, each being about a certain edition of the game, and touches upon every version and the events that happened between them to make the game what it is today. It’s written with some tongue-and-cheek, as Dungeons & Dragons is something I’m passionate about and so I didn’t want to take it too seriously and make it as fun as it is informative. The book also features personal accounts and interviews of players from different occupations who discuss their experiences and how it helped them to become who they are.

Interview spread with Lewis Nicholson.

‘History Check’ provides context for the ‘role playing’ game’s past, informing current day audiences with sleek layout design and bold imagery in a simplistic modern style that hopes to make Dungeons and Dragons ‘look cool’, like it has always been to play. For a long time, it was considered to be ‘just a game’, but for many D&D was more than just that with the way it gave people an outlet for socialising and creativity. D&D informed modern culture’s perception of fantasy and was a stepping stone for many creative and talented household names today. It’s a book made by a fan, for fans and for others to understand why the game is so beloved.

The front cover and further spreads of the book: an interview with Marilyn Mannino, title page for the first chapter on the Original Dungeons & Dragons, and a double spread on the creatures of Dungeons & Dragons.

History check was completed and submitted in May of 2021, and can now purchased as a paperback. 100 pages, 5 interviews and over 45 years of history all in one book. Make me a history check!

Centre spread of the book, in full red colour, reminiscient of coloured photos you would find
in the middle of older books.